Smeg Coffee Machine

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When you love baking at home, a shot of espresso from the white Smeg Coffee Machine definitely means a delicious recipe. Mix in your freshly made coffee into your batter to make a scrumptious chocolate espresso cake. Perfect with tea or a creamy latte, spend weekend afternoons baking in the kitchen and unwinding with this versatile Smeg Coffee Machine.


Eye-catching 1950s-inspired coffee machine for making espresso-based drinks using ground coffee or paper pods

Equipped with a sophisticated thermoblock heating system that enables faster switch-on time and precise water temperature control

Comes with a cappuccino system that combines steam, air, and milk together to create a creamy foam

Has a user-friendly control panel to make single or double espresso and to activate the steam function

High-quality espresso guaranteed every time with its powerful 15-bar pressure

Versatile machine that has a removable cup tray so you can enjoy coffee drinks in tall glasses

Includes one-cup and two-cup filters, tamping scoop, and paper pods filter for a convenient coffee-making experience

Cleaning and care: Cleaning instructions of removable parts included in the manual.  Wipe the outer surface of the machine with a damp soft cloth.

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